Upyourhands to Mr.Burroughs

burroughs gun


(Excerpt from “The Last Words Of Hassan-I-Sabbah”


Oiga amigos! Oiga amigos! Paco! Enrique!
The last words of Hassan Sabbah,
the Old Man of the Mountain!
Listen to my last words, anywhere!
Listen all you boards, governments, syndicates, nations of the world,
and you, powers behind what filth deals,
consummated in what lavatory,
to take what is not yours,
to sell out your sons forever!
To sell the ground from unborn feet for ever, for eve – r!
Listen to my last words any world!
Listen if you value the bodies
for which you would sell all souls forever!
I bear no sick words junk words love words forgive words from Jesus.
I have not come to explain or tidy up.
What am I doing over here,
with the workers, the gooks, the apes, the dogs,
the errand boys, the human animals?

Why don’t I come over with the board

and drink coca-cola and make it?

“Now for Godsakes, don’t let that Coca-Cola thing out!” […/]

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